what is this for?

we help citizens keep track of their government.

our platform makes it easy to know and vet politicians, discover and understand bills and resolutions being considered at the local, state, and national level, and review and discuss important issues of the day.

what does it mean to vote on this platform?

we treat votes like an impromtu, unregulated poll. your vote is collected and presented to users and analysts in aggregate form, possibly subdivided by region, gender, education, political affiliation, etc.

are my votes secure and private?

yes, absolutely!

we do not sell or release any personal information to anyone, and your vote is never exposed (even to us).

does voting here accomplish anything?

maybe, maybe not...

but we will definitely help you stay informed and make good decisions when the real elections come around. and if enough people vote here, the results may be seen by elected officials and help influence decision making!

who made this?

Littera Media created and currently operates this site as a political data companion for Littera Report, an independent journalism platform.

as a government official, can I help?

yes! we scrape the internet for a lot of our information, but that can be messy and inexact. we are always looking to plug our systems directly into data streams provided by local, state, and federal agencies and governments, and we would love to speak with you about how we can provide access to your constituents.

additionally, we can offer you and your agency or government body with a custom, secure, and scalable technology backend that is able to easily track, analyze, and submit proposals, bills, resolutions, and other materials for public inquiry or committee and colleague review.

for more information, reach out!

as a software developer, can I have access to this data?

yes! we have made an api available for select developers to access raw data and perform simple analytics. we will soon be opening up access to all who desire it, but for now we are asking that interested developers first apply for access, and accounts will be made available based on use case and expected load.

for more information, reach out!

as a data scientist, can I have access to this data?

yes! we provide limited access to a special platform designed for media professionals, political analysts, academics, and other data scientists that need access to intensive data analysis.

for more information, reach out!

what if I have more questions?

reach out to us anytime at